Tandem Flights - Michel Fougere

Tandem Paragliding

Your Flight Aloft... Lit with Solar Energy

Highest Flight 

You will fly betwen  3000 to 4000 meters altitude from a 3690 meter high mountain range.

Longest Duration 

20 to 30  minute flight.....the longest flights offered in China

Longest Distance 

You will travel 4 to 6 kilometers to our landing zones in the valley bottom.

Certified Pilots

Pilots have been trained on all  aspects of professional paragliding tandem standards.

Pictures and Videos included

Your pictures and videos are from a go pro camera, which are included.

In addition

•Spectacular views from our mountain top.

•Relax and have snacks in our quiet mountain top terrace .

• Enjoy additional activities, Golf, Kite flying, Photography, Hiking, Camping, Mountain bike.

• 980 RMB per person on location at the LTX takeoff.

Paragliding is a whole new way to see Yunnan. No motor, no noise, just the wind in your ears and an incredible feeling of flying in a completely free way.

Imagine flying at altitudes up to 3500 Meters, soaring over magnificent peaks, lakes and valleys of terraced farmland with nothing between your boots and the ground but clear air.

Tandem paragliding gives sightseeing a brand new meaning:

• The views are beyond compare!

• The thrill of free flight overwhelms your senses with awe!

This is excitement and fun you can really talk about back home.

The paraglider wing that suspends you and your pilot/instructor is an ultra hi-tech aircraft made of material that unfolds from a backpack. After launching, you ride comfortably in a specially designed harness that holds you in place while your pilot flies the wing. You fly with confidence knowing that you have a fully qualified and rated tandem/instructor pilot at the controls. Fly paragliding tandem with a fully qualified pilot, trained and approved under the standards of the Hang Gliding & Paragliding Association of Canada and APPI Swisszerland. All qualified tandem paragliding pilots in Canada and are required to hold paragliding instructor ratings as well as paragliding tandem pilot ratings so you can be assured that our pilots are experienced and qualified. After a pre-flight briefing on what you are about to experience, you are coached on how to work with your pilot to launch and land successfully. Once in the air you can relax and enjoy the view and commentary from your pilot. Bring your video or still camera in addition to the onboard Go Pro. These pictures will really get them talking around the water cooler back at the office! Tandem paragliding; an experience that very few of your acquaintances will ever know.